Staining your concrete floors will give it that beautiful finish that you are looking for, one that will not fade, crack, peel, or dull.  It’s a great way to add color to your room instead of settling with that dull grey.  Even using the same color of stain on two different floors, each floor will be unique in its own way because each concrete absorbs the stain differently.


The process of staining concrete floor takes just a few steps to complete.  The first step is about removing all furniture and other items from the room that you plan to stain the concrete.  You will want everything out of your way and to prevent from getting any stain on them.


You will want to use a concrete grinder with a coarse pad to remove any stubborn stains mopping was not able to remove as well as smooth out the surface.  This will make sure there are no rough spots and also take care of any finishes that may have been applied to the surface beforehand.


From there you will want to take a broom and/or vacuum and remove any dirt or debris that is on the floors.  After this, using a dust mop to remove any fine particles and dust that the broom and/or vacuum may have missed.


After you have done that, filling a bucket with warm water and a mild detergent such as Dawn, the dish soap, and a mop, start mopping the entire area that you plan to stain.  Let it either air dry or wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth.


Take some painters tape and tape off the area you are staining, meaning to tape along the baseboards so you do not end up staining them as well.


For this next step you will a basic pump style garden sprayer.  There you will mix the stain that you place on using inside of it.  Now you will pump and spray the stain onto the concrete, make sure that you are using even strokes and that the surface is completely coated, but without any puddles.

Allow it to set and then go around and see if there are any areas that are lighters than you liked.  You will then need to apply a second and third coat to more than likely accomplish the look you are envisioning.


Finally you will need to finish the last and final step, sealing the concrete.  Once you have allowed the stain to set and dry to how you like, you will need to apply a concrete sealant.  You can use a paint roller with a synthetic fiber, not a cotton fiber, to apply the sealant evenly without streaking.


You will need to allow the sealant to dry and check to see if you need to apply another coat or not.  If not, then once it is completely dry, you can place the furniture back into the area.


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