With stained concrete floorings becoming more and more popular, most everyone considering having them wonder just exactly how the entire process works.  When does the design work get laid out?  When do you add the stains to the concrete flooring?  And so on.  Well, here is a break down for you.


Here is an idea of what the ideal schedule would look like when it comes to staining your concrete flooring.  Bear in mind, that this is mainly based off the assumption of a new construction home.


The best time to score, which is to cut the lines or pattern into the concrete to the design of your desire, is done right after the concrete has been poured.  Before any framing has been done.


After the concrete has cure, or dried and the building process is reached the place where the roof has been placed on and windows installed, but its before the sheetrock has been hung.  That is the best time to stain and then seal your concrete flooring.

Make sure that the workers are not eating on the concrete floors, as anything with grease that is dropped on the floor will more than likely leave a stain.  And also make sure that they are sweeping and not leaving materials behind on a daily basis.


Make sure that after your concrete flooring has been stained, that you have then covered them with either cardboard or a material called thermoply that helps to protect them against items such a paint, spills, glue, marks, and more items that can damage or leave permanent stains.

Also make sure to also avoid getting the tape that you use to hold down the cardboard and thermoply down directly onto the concrete itself.  Tape, when you take it off the concrete, will actually leave permanent stripes on the concrete.


Now if you plan to do this to a concrete floor that is already in your home and wish to liven it up some, the process is different.  The first thing that is different is the type of stain that you would use.  You would need to choose one that is either water or dye based stain


Due to the concrete already before 90+ days old, it is lacking lime content with is what causes the chemical reaction with acid stains and without the lime content, will not get the desired stain you are looking for.


There is a process of making sure to remove all paint, coats, adhesives, and more from the flooring as well as making sure that you clean the floor thoroughly.  Both sweeping, dust mopping, and then mopping it completely.


Then make sure that you have taped all baseboards with painters tape in the area that you plan to stain, that way it keeps from staining those.  Make that there are no cracks in the floor that need to be patched up before the staining begins.


From there you just need to pour your water- or dye- based stain into a handheld airless sprayer.  Go around the room spraying in a circular motion making sure that no puddles are created.  If a puddle does form, just dab at it with a clean cloth.


It may take a few coats to reach the desired look that you are looking for, but after that you just need to allow it to dry for 24 hours.  After that, you just need to apply your sealant using a paint roller to your freshly stained concrete flooring.


It’s recommended with these types of stains to wax the surface after your sealant has fully dried.  Usually it takes about 24 hours for a sealant to dry.  The waxing will help enhance and prolong the stain color or colors.  There are two different types of finishes, matte and glossy.


To apply the wax, simply pour it into a spray bottle and using a mop that has a microfiber pad, evenly spray the wax out one section at a time.  Then mop in a circular motion.  The wax should only take about 8 hours to dry.  After that you are finished.


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