Epoxy is known for its durability, low maintenance, and strength, and because of this, it is commonly used in garages.  With it being very resistant towards many things such as dust, moisture, and more, applying it to a garage floor is perfect.


Epoxy is made out of polymer materials that generally begin out as liquids and then are chemically changed into a solid.  These epoxy based polymer are mechanically strong, making them resistant to degradation from chemical elements that are in solid form and highly adhesive during the conversion from liquid to solid.  Epoxy coating system can be formulated from a wide range of basic epoxy chemicals.


Physical epoxy coating systems contain two main components, which are resins and hardeners.  The resin component you will find is usually close to clear and almost odor free.  Hardeners are usually darker in color and carry a slight odor.  Once these two are mixed together, they will chemically bond together and once they are chemically bonded they form a strong and rigid plastic material.


Epoxy coating needs time to cure, which is nothing like paint drying.  During this time the chemical reaction between both components is taking effect with making the epoxy a very hard and durable surface.  This makes it resistant to staining, abrasion, and even chemicals.


After the curing has completed, which generally takes about 24 hours, it will thicken covering all the small imperfections and small flaws throughout the concrete itself.


There does happen to be confusion among homeowners when they are in search of an epoxy finish for their garage flooring.  There is epoxy paint and epoxy coating.  Usually when someone sees this they wonder if there is a difference and which one is the best recommended.


The best way to figure this out is to learn and become knowledgeable in the differences between epoxy paint, epoxy coating, and paint.  Once you do, this will help clear any confusion you may have and help you with deciding.


Mainly, epoxy paints are typically a paint that has a small percentage of epoxy mixed into the paint.  It will help with durability, but it is not the same as epoxy coating.  Epoxy manufactures have chosen to use both terms for their products.  The way you can tell the difference is that epoxy paints that only have a small portion of epoxy are usually already mixed, whereas epoxy coating has the two components that need to be mixed together.


Though you can easily purchase a kit at your local handyman store like Home Depot or Lowe’s, always do as much research as possible before making a decision on which you will like to use, baring in mind that it meets your needs and desires.  Never hesitate to reach out to a professional like Floor ReNew Houston with any questions or concerns you may have.


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