One of the great reasons for having epoxy flooring in your garage here in Houston, Texas is just how low maintenance they are.  It is hard to find time to clean everything, especially if it is something that is suppose to be done nearly on a daily basis.  So having an epoxy garage flooring is one less thing on your to do list.


Now even though epoxy floors are low maintenance does not mean that they can be completely forgotten about.  There is some cleaning that will need to be done throughout the year in order to help keep your epoxy flooring cleaned.


Of course there will be the typical routine maintenance cleaning which you can simply use a soft bristle broom and pan or one of those commercial dust mops.


If there are any minor spills or drippings from your vehicle, you can just wipe them right up with paper towels or soft cloths.  If it needs a bit more cleaning, you can hose it down and then dry it by using a squeegee.


If your epoxy floor is very dirty sweep away all the loose dirt and debris and then mop it down using a hard foam mop.  With the mop you will need to use hot water and clear ammonia.


For rust stains or other types of stains, you may possibly need to light scrub with a kitchen scrubber pad.  Try using just hot water with the kitchen scrubber, but if it still will not come up, try using Soft Scrub with it.  Avoid using any cleansers that have abrasive chemicals in them that can cause damage to your epoxy floors.


If you plan to use any types of rolling jacks on your epoxy flooring, make sure that the entire area is clean of all dirt and debris.  Or if you need to use a jack stand, make sure to place a thin piece of plywood underneath it.  When welding, make sure to have a welding mat underneath your work area.


A kickstand on a motorcycle can cause some damage due to the weight from the cycle.  To avoid it causing any damage or deep scratches, you can place a mouse pad for a computer underneath it.


Make sure to avoid all cleansers that contain acids or are soap-based.  Cleansers with acid in them can cause damage to the coating.  Cleansers that are soap-based will leave a soapy residue on the surface of the flooring, which will take away from the shine as well as become slippery when it becomes wet.


Having a doormat inside the entry door will help remove any debris or water from the bottom of your shoes that could potential cause damages to your epoxy floors.


The last little tidbit we can offer is not to over mop your floors.  You really probably do not need to mop more than a couple times a year unless the floor becomes heavily soiled.  If you mop too often, it will build up a soapy residue, which is not very good, and can becoming very slippery.


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