Thinking about having epoxy coating applied to your garage floors?  There are so many advantages to having that done, and it is very low maintenance to keep up with.  It is especially nice to have in our garages down here in Houston, Texas where it seems that all dirt and debris from our yards tend to end up in the garage.


You will find if you research epoxy garage floors that they are tough and very durable.  It adds the protection that your garage floors needs as well as giving that beauty that most cannot find in a garage.  Making it look not only beauty, but very professional as well.


There are many different ways that you can make the epoxy floor unique to you.  There are a variety of solid colors and hues as well as custom colors and blending in the color flakes that match you and your style.


The first thing that most people mistaken about epoxy coating are thinking that it is paint.  It is not paint what so ever, though it is not uncommon that the paint used to paint garage floors do contain a small amount of epoxy in them.  Mixing some epoxy in their latex, acrylic product helps make it a bit more durable than the regular old paint.  These are named epoxy paints or 1-part epoxy paint.


Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating to your garage floor.  The kit comes with two parts that you must mix together to achieve epoxy.  The two parts are epoxide resin and polyamine hardener, the hardener is to become a catalyst, which gives the epoxy strength.


Once you have applied the epoxy, it needs to cure.  While it is curing, it produces the polymer structures that are closely cross-linked together, which gives the epoxy its superior strength and durability.  Once it finishes curing, it has become much thicker than paint and bonds tenaciously to your garage flooring.


Epoxy itself is very resistant towards chipping, chemicals, impacts, stains, and surface abrasions.  Just because you drop a hammer or one of the kid’s bikes fall over, you do not need to panic thinking this will cause damage to your epoxy garage floors.


Epoxy is also nice with covering up any minor imperfections throughout the garage floors.  Such as small spider cracks or other flaws that can be seen.


The epoxy itself a topical sealer, which means that it, is resistant to dust as well.  You will find that most dust you find in a garage is mainly from the concrete flooring shedding it.  Normal traffic on the flooring can stir up this dusty powder which can track anywhere from your cars to your tools to even being tracked into the house.  Having epoxy applied definitely takes care of this issue.


Another advantage with it acting as a topical sealer is that it is resistant towards moisture as well.  Though we have humid summers and do not have to deal so much with snow, having it resistant towards moisture can be very helpful.


Clean up is very simple and easy to do.  Any minor spills or leaks from your vehicles can be easily wiped up with a paper towel or clean cloth.  Dirt and debris do not stick, as easily to epoxy like it does to regular concrete, so sweeping is much easier to do.  With mopping, on average people do not need to mop more than a couple times a year.  If you mop too often, you can end up with soap buildup, which can end up being very slippery if it ever gets wet.


Though there area lot of advantages to having an epoxy garage floor, there are a few things that you need to be aware of before installing.  Thankfully, there is not many.


One is if you are a welder.  Welding can be very hard on an epoxy floor; it can leave burn marks when hot items fall on it.  Though if you use a welding mat, this will take care of this issue.


Another issue is if your garage floor has moisture issues.  It is not best recommended to apply an epoxy to a garage floor with this issues as it will cause it to delaminate if the moisture vapor transmission gets too high.


Of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns with epoxy garage flooring, feel free to contact your local professional like, Floor ReNew Houston, and they can gladly answer them as well as help in any way possible.  They can even apply it for you and can get your appointment set up today.

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