To some of us living in Houston, Texas, finding a whopper of a crack in our garage may seem like the end of the world.  Thoughts of how much will this cost or does this mean we have to repave our garage fly through our minds and then we are on edge of panicking.  Or there are those that think that they will simply get a mixture at Home Depot down the road and pour it in the crack and it’s fixed.


Thankfully, with following these steps and tips below you will not have to panic.  And though it’s more than just one step than just pouring concrete mixture in, it will give you a long lasting repair.  There is a correct way that is simple to follow and guarantees a long lasting repair.


First thing that needs to be checked is how deep the crack is.  If it is deeper than 1 inch, it is said to use a concrete mix that has coarse, crushed-stone aggregate.  This will bond very well with the concrete below it and next to it.

If it is less than an inch deep, then you will only need a sand mix.  Great news that no matter which one you need, the steps are the same.


What you will need to do next is with a hammer and a cold chisel level the bottom of the hole and undercut its sides slightly so that the patch cannot pop loose.  The shape will be similar to a trapezoid.


Then vacuum out the crack of all dirt and debris, use some water and a wire brush to get any loose particles and then wipe clean.


You will then need to brush on the bonding liquid which you can find bottles of at any of your home stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s.


You will then want to mix the concrete with water and then place some into the hole.  Using a trowel you will just need to press it into the corners and against the edges.  After this, finish filling in the rest of the hole until there are some a little higher than the height of the floor.


Now you will level the patch with a board that is straight-edged out about a foot longer than the width of the entire hole.  You will just move it back and forth in a sawing motion.  What this does is push down the aggregate and makes the final smoothing easier.


Once the surface does not have its wet sheen anymore and feels firm to touch, smooth it next with magnesium or a wooden trowel.  This will not affect the curing at all.  Start working the trowel in a fanning motion; this will blend the edges with the older concrete floor.


You will need to do this several times as the mixture continues to cure.  To make it very smooth, use a steel trowel with the past few passes, but if you would like some texture, use a damp push broom and pass over it once or twice.


Allow it to dry for about 24 hours before attempting to walk on or place things on the patch.  With driving over it, it will need at least a week or longer to dry fully.


When in doubt, contact a professional contact us today to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.

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