Polished concrete floorings are becoming quite popular thanks to its durability, low maintenance, and long lasting shine.  When a concrete flooring is polished, there is no need for waxes or coatings to bring out the shine, polishing does it naturally.  What is even better is that these polishes can last as long as 15 years before they would need to be re-polished.


Polished concrete started out in retail stores, warehouses, and office buildings and now have branched out to personal homes due not only for the durability, low maintenance, and long lasting shine, but also its beauty and ability to be stained to look exactly like polished stone.


Here’s a list of some of the amazing benefits when you choose to polish your concrete flooring:


  • High resistances to wear, scratches, and most chemicals
  • Long-term lifespan
  • No unnecessary vibrations
  • Natural product and one that is already present as a sub floor
  • The floor becomes hard and strong
  • No solvents that evaporate into the air
  • No products that can cause allergies
  • No thickness that can cause “Sick Houses”
  • No odor or migration from chemicals
  • Floors found to be a bit warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer because it obtains its temperature from the ground and not the outside weather.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to clean, just sweeping and light scrub only
  • Can stain in many different ways
  • Looks exactly like polished stone
  • High gloss gives off a beautiful wet look finish


The process to polish concrete is a slightly lengthy one, but definitely one that has beautiful results.  Since there is a multistep process, you are able to choose the sheen going from satin up to high-gloss.


Now there are two different processes depending on if you are polishing new concrete floors or polishing existing concrete floors.  Of course if you are polishing existing concrete floors, there are a few extra steps that need to taken to make sure that you are getting your full value.


Polishing Existing Concrete Floors:


It is very important that all old coatings must be removed from the surface to bare the concrete, and then cleaned.  After they have been cleaned up, go through and make sure there are no cracks in the concrete floor.


If there is, it needs to be filled, but first you must use a chisel and hammer to get any large pieces out, this is called “keying”.  After that, you must clean up all the dirt and debris with a broom and/or a vacuum.  After that, you can use a concrete filler to fill the crack.

You will need to allow it to cure overnight, afterwards you just need to check and make sure that no other additional patches are needed.


After this is completed, you need to use a concrete grinder with a pad on it.  The type of pad is going to depend on how much of a sheen or gloss you would like.  The higher the gloss/sheen, then the more different pads you would need to use are you need to work your way up to the level you wish.  Next you will need to infuse with a hardener and then polish with resin bond disk.


This next step is important, as it will help protect your concrete floors from stains, scraps, and scuffs.  This step is applying a sealant to your polished concrete flooring.


And then the final step, after the sealant as dried, is to buff the surface with pads to give that last and final shine.


Polishing New Concrete Floors:


This is the fun part because the first step is selecting the colors and aggregates of concrete that you are wanting.  As well as add anything else additional that you are wanting.  After they have placed the concrete, it needs to be left to cure for roughly 4 weeks or longer.


The next step is the grinding process with the concrete grinder.  And like with existing concrete floors, this process take be a little lengthy just depending on how much of a sheen or gloss you are looking for.


Next you will need to infuse with a hardener or stain with your choice of color.  Though if you do decide to stain the concrete, it needs to be left to cure for about 2 weeks, allowing it to cure for 4 weeks is even better.  Then you will need to polish the concrete with 4 different resin disks.


After that is the important process of applying a sealant to the polished concrete to protect it from everyday life.  And the final step is giving it a nice, loving buff with pads to give it that final shine.


Having polished concrete has many different benefits that could be just what you need in great, dependable flooring.  It can also add that beauty that you are looking for in your home.  Especially here in Houston, Texas during our crazy hot summers, and our warm winters.


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